Oct 24

Ask Dr. Rick – Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence

What is the difference between emotional intelligence and emotional competence? Emotional intelligence deals with knowing about ourselves, as well as understanding the impact of our thoughts and feelings on our behavior and performance. Emotional competence deals with our ability to take that information and apply it to our actions and... read more →
Oct 06

Ask Dr. Rick – Dealing with Failure & Adversity – Part II

What advice do you have for dealing effectively with failure and adversity? When we don’t deal effectively with failure and adversity, we ignore our experiences and don't learn from them. Therefore, we get emotionally stuck, and have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again. We end... read more →
Sep 15

Ask Dr. Rick – Dealing with Failure & Adversity – Part I

How do top performers manage when things don't go their way? The ability to handle adversity is a critical differentiator when it comes to performance. Dealing with it properly can be a competitive advantage. When I'm asked to help with talent evaluation and recruiting, I make it a point... read more →
Sep 14